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Alisha Adams Sexy Story - Redhead talks dirty

Studio:  YanksVR (156 videos)
Starring: Alisha Adams
Sep 27, 2017
Positions: Sitting
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Alisha Adams is a dirty girl. Leaning forward as she sits on the couch so her nice cleavage can show, the sexy redhead talks about some of the things she loves to do including how her boyfriend loves for her to meet random strangers online then let them fuck her. Getting fucked by guys she just met while her man watches makes her cum hard. She also talks about how she is on the lookout for 10 guys who are willing to work together to gangbang her. She might look like the girl next door, but this girl next door is down to fuck!

Really? You want me to pay $6 for 5 minutes talk of a dressed girl? Next time let her read us "Robinson Crusoe" and charge us $10 for each 10 mins of her bla-bla-bla talk...
Ehax (29.09.2017)
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