Entry Level Job

by 18VR


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Aug 22, 2017

Entry Level Job

Leaning Standing
Chrissy Fox
Chrissy Fox
12 scenes

Chrissy came in to interview for the open secretary position and started talking to the two guys that owned the business. She was so determined to get the job she dropped to her knees and pulled both their cocks out so she could suck and stroke them. As she continued to blow one of the guys, the other bent her over, pulled her dress up, and fucked her from behind. They decided to move the action out of the office to a nearby motel where they stripped her naked and took turns fucking her. Each guy drilled her pussy while she throated the other guy’s cock. They moved around the room, the two guys giving her a very hardcore interview. The interview came to an end when one guy came in her mouth while she rode the other guy’s cock then she jumped off him and took his load in her mouth as well. She was hired the next day!

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not a good scenario, really turned me off with being way tooo close to no consent/rape
yuck (14.10.2017)
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