On-The-Job Penetrating

by BaDoinkVR


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Mar 07, 2016

On-The-Job Penetrating

Alexa Tomas
Alexa Tomas
25 scenes

Not all VR porn is POV material; there's still a lot of joy in voyeurism. In this scene, Alexa's doing a fine job cleaning the kitchen, but there's always room for improvement with a little authority. Watch Joel discipline Alexa as he fucks her all over the kitchen. And don't worry about the cum, she'll clean all of it, too, with her tongue.

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I personally disagree, if it's not PoV in vr what's the point? I understand others don't agree and that's fine, but I just don't get it.
uberpaddy (19.08.2016)
I like this style very much. The POV is getting boring
emspm (19.08.2016)
I actually like the non pov spectator view quite a lot. its a refreshing break
tedmikelowen (19.08.2016)
First I was sceptical about badoink VR, because there where no (free) samples availlable. Luckily I took the leap and after I saw my first VR it really blowed my mind. I can only wish you guys the best!!
tmwprs (19.08.2016)
haque055 (19.08.2016)
I loved when you could see the spit hanging between his dick and her mouth. It was so real. Give us more of that.
Randomguy911 (19.08.2016)
THANK YOU for this. I found the non-POV VERY effective and was really hot to watch. Anyone who thinks regular videos are like this don't know what they are talking about.... this is 180 3D VR, not a flat 16:9 video. Please do more of these!
pcenginefx (19.08.2016)
She's definitely hot so it's a good watch. Non pov won't be my choice until the tech comes out (as a few have mentioned) to walk around. I do like her though so I'll be watching her other pov scence you guys have.
flexarmstrong (19.08.2016)
Knowing this ISNT first person POV its next on my download list..although I love the concept of POV finding them for the ladies is rather difficult :) this way i can be there..without feeling awkward about being the male LOL
GothicRose (19.08.2016)
I like videos from different pov
vrattempt (19.08.2016)
I could not dowload
heri (19.08.2016)
kitttdi (19.08.2016)
Keep up the good work admin- we'll get to the more interactive videos soon enough I think.
Valigar26 (19.08.2016)
I don't mind this not being POV. I just wish it had better angle on the camera. Like change camera angle on different position instead of it being stationary. Stationary is boring.
evilcell (19.08.2016)
I don't think you can really please the people who want non-pov. They want the ability to turn around 360 degrees and walk around the scene. And you guys aren't there yet. One day, vids like that WILL be a blast and hopefully you'll be producing the first ones.
firvulag (19.08.2016)
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