Car Washing

by VirtualRealPorn


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Jul 13, 2017

Car Washing

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Leaning Sitting
Stasy Riviera
Stasy Riviera
3 scenes

A new car wash opened up down the street from where this guy lived so one afternoon he took his car down to give it a try. He was happy to see his attendant was a sexy blonde named Stasy who was wearing a wet t-shirt and some short jean shorts. As she washed his car she also washed her body, pulling her shirt up and her shorts down to rub soapy water all over her flat belly and perky tits. She climbed inside the car to clean and gave him head while she picked up the trash then she led him from his car into the waiting room where she got naked, gave him head, and sat on his cock, taking every inch inside her shaved pussy. She bounced on his dick until she came all over it then she pulled on his cock and sucked him, draining every last drop of jizz from his balls.

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