The Real VR Deal

by VRBangers


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Jul 04, 2017

The Real VR Deal

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Alexa Grace
Alexa Grace
5 scenes
Brandi Love
Brandi Love
5 scenes

Alexa and her hot girlfriend Brandi were trying out some virtual reality porn and go so turned on they pounced on Alexa’s unsuspecting boyfriend, pulled his dick out, and kissed as they gave him a double blowjob. They stripped each other’s clothes off while giving him a blowjob then Alexa let Brandi have the honors as she got on top and was the first to ride his dick. She bounced on his cock while Alexa sucked on her nipples then, once she’d came, she jumped off and let Alexa go for the ride. This good time came to a sticky end when the girls sucked and stroked him until he drenched them with his load.

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This video had a lot of promise. Alexa Grace looks stunning in it and it gets pretty hot. And then in the middle of it, it's like your mom puts her face in front of the action and starts talking to you. They should have made a separate version with just Alexa Grace - I can barely watch it with Brandi Love's face looming up close in the middle of the action.
VRBanged (06.07.2017)
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