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Apr 21, 2017
Positions: Leaning
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This guy was having some trouble in one of his classes so he hired Kathy as a tutor. When she showed up for his lesson she had a top on that was so tight her huge tits nearly burst from her shirt. She gave him a little positive reinforcement by rubbing his dick through his jeans and unbuttoning her shirt so he could feel her massive tits. The lesson took a turn for the naughty when Kathy stripped down and got on top of him so she could shove her tits in his face and lick her nipples. Once she had his pants off, she stroked and sucked his cock then she mounted up on him and let him play with her pussy before she sat on his dick and took every inch deep inside her. Like a good teacher, she fucked him thoroughly until she came all over his dick while sucking on her own nipples. As the lesson came to an end, she slammed herself down on him and put her tits in his face as he came inside her.

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