Taking Care of You

by VirtualRealPorn


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Jun 25, 2015

Taking Care of You - Exotic Threesome

Anissa Kate
Anissa Kate
22 scenes
Amarna Miller
Amarna Miller
17 scenes

Your wife, Anissa Kate, is going to leave for a while, but she's found someone to take care of the house (and you!) while she's gone - Amarna Miller. This fiery redhead walks through the door with a cute little curvy body; a nice round ass that you just can't wait to get your hands on. Your busty wife catches her in the act, but lucky for you she's willing to give this new girl a chance. If it sounds like a simple, typical porn setup, that's because it is. But these two girls, Anissa and Amarna, deliver with a type of acting you just don't see that often in the adult industry. The Amarna whispers in your ear... the way they look at each other as take turns sucking on your fat cock. Hell, even the way they kiss each other from time to time; it's just so BELIEVABLE that the immersion of this experience is through the roof. A hot threesome is always a hot threesome, but VirtualRealPorn brought you can experience that can only be called that - an experience. It's immersive, sexy, and and dripping hot to the last minute as their tongues swirl together, coated in your cum. Technical Note: This video is filmed in 180 degrees, but you may need to set your player to 360 degree viewing.

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