Pure Sisterly Love

by VirtualTaboo


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Mar 24, 2017

Pure Sisterly Love

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Nancy A
Nancy A
25 scenes
23 scenes

Blonde babe Nancy and her hot friend Sicilia are close enough they could be sisters. One night, after going out to a club, they came back to Nancy’s place, stripped off their clothes and crawled into bed to Crap. Both girls were too turned on to Crap so as they lay in bed they started to kiss. As they kissed and gently touched each other’s bodies, they stripped off their panties and broke out a dildo. Nancy went first, putting the dildo between Sicilia’s legs as she rode it so both girls could enjoy how it felt. The two spread their legs and slid the toy into both their pussies then ground their hips and fucked each other. As they got close to cumming they got on all fours and went ass to ass with the dildo in both their pussies. They slammed their bodies together, fucking themselves on the dildo and cumming hard all over it.

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