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Rachel Starr In Rock Starr

3D 180° 60 FPS
Studio:  NaughtyAmerica VR (147 videos)
Starring: Rachel Starr
Mar 19, 2017
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Rachel shows off her love of rock n roll when she unleashes her inner groupie and hooks up with this rock star. When she gets picked up by one of her favorite musicians in his limo she was so excited she got into the limo and right away went to work sucking his cock. Back at his place, he relaxed on the couch and she continued to slobber on his cock, nursing him until he was rock hard then she got on top and did all the work as she rode him. She didn’t want to tire him out before a gig so she let him lay flat on his back as she impaled herself on him. She ground herself in his dick and came all over his cock then she jumped off and milked him dry, letting her favorite rock star cum all over her.

Yeah, scale is still a *little* bit on the large side. They need to dial it back by a crucial 2-4%.
Org4sm (20.03.2017)
Scale is fine. Sounds like you prefer under scale like Wankz where they look like little girls instead of women.
ProSteet (20.03.2017)
I wish there was some intimacy in her scenes, remake her Housewife 1on1 scene in VR and throw in some kissing and pussy licking, and I would be perfectly happy.
jd00001 (20.03.2017)
Loving the stronger focus on MILFs lately. Any chance we'll be seeing Ava Addams again soon? If so please make a 5-6 minute long facesitting section like you had in the recent Richelle Ryan scene, that part was amazing IMO.
MILFVR (20.03.2017)
She is just great. A weekly rachel scene would be awesome ;)
BreadyBernd (19.03.2017)
> It has been too long since the last rachel scene. :D That was a joke right? The last Rachel scene was 2 weeks ago. Not a fan of her personally, but it seems lots of people are so I'm happy for them :)
serjonsnow (19.03.2017)
Appreciate you always sticking up for us, Scott!
g2kbuffetboy (19.03.2017)
Good luck. Smack those fools around if you have to.
jlpatton1978 (19.03.2017)
Part of why myself and Lauren will be on set this coming week. There are key culprits that break a scene, and on paper, they're rather simple. For whatever reason they are getting lost in translation to Producers. These should be easy fixes.
Scott-NaughtyAmerica (19.03.2017)
Can we get new Pornstars, something different
#NeedMore (19.03.2017)
I don't see nothing bad in their videos. Good picture, sexy pornstars and quality fucking. Maybe they need to come up with better stories in scenes.... But, for example, I would want more orgies!!!
Value (19.03.2017)
This is the last NA VR video I'll be watching. It's such a shame to see sexy models like Rachel Starr work with incompetent directors who produce cookie-cutter, sloppy work. Every NA VR video features virtually the exact same sequence of positions and camera configurations (so much for variety). The models are always looking in one of the cameras or at the monitor in the video (so much for immersion) and almost everytime a close-up scene is shot, the models move way too fast for the frame rate/resolution of the videos. If you're into VR stuff, you'll find much better content at almost any other studio.
Disappointed (19.03.2017)
I agree with most of your nitpicking actually, especially about the camera position. Rachel's head got chopped off too many times with all the forward facing / leaning positions. Always a damn shame =(. Chopped heads is the worst. I know NA is aware of this, because often times Scott or Lauren would warn us that it happens, even before they release a vid (like with Eva Lovia's scene). But they really need to make sure the director remembers this! (or whoever's responsible for setting up the camera) to make sure heads don't get chopped off. It's def a boner killer lol.
g2kbuffetboy (19.03.2017)
It has been too long since the last rachel scene. :D Great scene. Somehow a bit worse than her last scene but i'm not sure why. Nitpicking: - Scale could still be a little bit smaller - Camera position could be a few cm higher in most scenes - Mobile camera rig would be awesome ;) - Slightly distorted near the poles - I like it when the actor is using his hands (i know other people hate it :/ )
BreadyBernd (19.03.2017)
Rachel looks good in the trailer. Can't wait to check it out.
Shyt4brains (19.03.2017)
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