The Sleepover - Part II POV

3D 1920p 180° 60 FPS
Studio:  Reality Lovers (154 videos)
Mar 19, 2017
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The sexual adventure with Blanche, Daphne and Ellie continues as a random stranger walks into the room during lesbian shenanigans. Curious what will happen? Don't forget - you can now choose what you want, you can BE the stranger or just watch this incredible foursome. It doesn't matter what you choose in the end, because these girls will take you on one hell of a ride anyway. All they want is some man meat to satisfy their lust... They are incredibly horny after all the cunnilinguses they could take in the first act. Don't disappoint them!

Hello g2kbuffetboy! We appreciate all your useful insights about the scene - keeps us moving forward! Glad you liked the girls - they indeed have good chemistry. About the group action, there will certainly be more of that in the future! :)
RealityLovers (20.03.2017)
Hello sir. We are deeply sorry for all the corrupt files. We're investigating it. You will be updated as soon as it gets fixed. Thanks for the patience!
RealityLovers (20.03.2017)
I can confirm that the GearVR version of the Voyeur vid is also corrupt at 30 seconds. Can't skip or fast forward after it either. The other three GearVR vids (Part 2 POV and Part 1 POV/Voyeur) are fine.
g2kbuffetboy (19.03.2017)
The smartphone file is corrupt after about the first 30 seconds, this is the 2nd corrupt file in two weeks, this is starting to get old.
jd00001 (19.03.2017)
Alright RealityLovers. I just subbed a 12 month with your site. Mainly because I'm always in search of reverse gangbangs and/or MFF+ videos. I'm downloading this scene right now and will watch later. I imagine I will probably like it because it's 3 women on 1 guy, but we'll see... Also, I hope you continue to make more multi-girl bang scenes. I will report back later with my thoughts on this one!
g2kbuffetboy (18.03.2017)
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