Something Else

by VirtualRealPassion


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Mar 10, 2017

Something Else - Interracial FFM Threesome

Amarna Miller
Amarna Miller
17 scenes
Irina Pavlova
Irina Pavlova
5 scenes

Sexy, horny Amarna was getting out of the tub when her hung, black boyfriend came in, climbed into the tub with her, and ate her sweet, hairy pussy. Just as they moved from the tub to the bed Amarna’s roommate Irina came home and walked in on them. Instead of just leaving, she pulled her shirt off and jumped in on the fun, sucking Amarna’s nipples while he slid his long, big cock into her tight pussy. As the threesome moved around the bed, this lucky dude banged both babes then he pulled out and came all over Amarna’s pussy so Irina could lean in and lick that pussy clean.

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Well you know, Marlon Sensi is a hot guy and if you're a heterosexual woman you'll probably like the first ten minutes of the video. At that point unfortunately, just as it's starting to get interesting, another woman walks into the room and basically tries to steal all attention for the remaining twenty minutes. Marlon is suddenly all over her instead of 'pov you', she is now all over you, dominating the screen and making silly noises, and if you're not into women sexually (which I'm not) it's all downhill from this point. I spent the remaining twenty minutes wishing she'd just shut her mouth or preferably leave the room so I could have Marlon's undivided attention once more Ultimately it's a sad reminder that VR porn is primarily made for heterosexual men, and that even extends to the 'female POV' porn that is supposedly made for women. Can't blame the producers I suppose if that's where the money lies, but I find I'm using VR porn less and less (this was my first purchase in two months) and this kind of thing continues to push me away from the medium.
noircomic (13.02.2018)
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