Eastern Sex

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Mar 03, 2017

Eastern Sex - FFMM Foursome

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Leaning Standing
Antonia Sainz
Antonia Sainz
40 scenes
Elle Rose
Elle Rose
13 scenes

This guy and his buddy met these two girls and invited them back to their place for lunch. As they sipped tea the conversation turned to sex so the girls decided to show off their oral skills by giving both guys head. The babes both mounted up, riding these two lucky guys until they both came then they swapped so they could each ride both dicks. This lunch turned into a wild foursome as the guys and girls all ended up on one couch fucking their brains out.

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Does anyone else think the scale is still too big? Compared to Wankz and CVR it looks distorted and unrealistic.
WoodenNipple (05.03.2017)
BTW I'm on Gear VR.
WoodenNipple (05.03.2017)
Does anyone else think the scale is still too big? Compared to Wankz and CVR it looks distorted and unrealistic. The girls look like they're 7 feet tall when standing, and their faces are huge when up close. The height of things seems to be exaggerated, and I get double vision when looking far left or right. I don't get this with some of the other studios. Colors look washed out as well.
WoodenNipple (05.03.2017)
So where were the innovations you mentioned? I didn't see any. A bit more eye contact than usual but still nothing great. Also too many immersion-breaking scene cuts like making a cut just when Antonia was about to take off her shirt or when the girls were about to stick the penis into their vaginas. Why do porn people do that? I will never get it. I'm not against cuts per se as it's probably pretty hard to shoot a whole scene without them. But when Antonia is gonna take off her shirt??? Please. I also don't see the advantage of having another guy in the scene but that's just me. To summon it up this is basically shot like 2D porn, there is nothing VR specific about it and I don't understand why it's so hard for you to shoot better scenes...
UselessEater81 (04.03.2017)
Page loads are still somewhat slow, but better. The video downloads are now MUCH faster, which is really the important thing. Thanks for improving your site!
Dremy77 (04.03.2017)
It is still not working for me, I get this message 502 The page request was canceled because it took too long to complete What can I do? Site visitors: There was an issue serving your request, please try again in a few minutes. Site Owners: A request for either a page, script, process, or query has taken too long to complete and has been cancelled due to a bad gateway. You should visit your error log for more information.
vranker (04.03.2017)
Great vronly! we will try to keep this combinations for the future! Regards!
lindagwells (04.03.2017)
Hi Dremmy77. VP9 is a video format which no loose qualilty and the file is smaller so it's great! Regards.
lindagwells (04.03.2017)
As I'm talking on the thread, everything is stable now. Please, send a message to support@virtualrealporn.com if you have some issues. Thanks!
lindagwells (04.03.2017)
Can you try now again? everything is stable now. Contact directly with support team: support@virtualrealporn.com
lindagwells (04.03.2017)
The website is stable now. If you have some issues, please contact with support@virtualrealporn.com
lindagwells (04.03.2017)
I liked this one, the camera positioning worked for me and the image clarity is good. The girls could've leaned in a little more while riding, and there should be a lot more kissing, face touching, and whispering in the viewers ears like in some of your other videos. Not sure why the performance stuff wasn't done here but if you combine the good tech stuff from this video with the good performance stuff from some of your other videos you will be back among the best in no time.
vronly (04.03.2017)
Their website has been a mess for a while now. Frequently difficult to connect to, slow transfer speeds. Not sure if the problem is too many people streaming with not enough server bandwidth or just hardware that isn't beefy enough or what. They need either new hosting or a new sysadmin.
Dremy77 (04.03.2017)
I am also having trouble loading the site
vranker (04.03.2017)
Can't get into the site, is it down?
jlpatton1978 (04.03.2017)
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