Bumsbus Audition Part 1

by HoliVR


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Feb 18, 2017

Bumsbus Audition Part 1 - Blonde Public Sex

$0.99, 28:26 min
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Daisy Lee
Daisy Lee
32 scenes

Daisy Lee was talking to a producer as they rode in the van on the way to his office for her to audition for his movie. As they talked, she desperately wanted to impress him, so she took her dress off and showed him her thong clad ass. Once she had her stockings and panties off, she pulled his cock out and sucked it as they drove down the street then she mounted up and rode him while they rode to the office. Her big tits bounced as she put on a wild, sexy audition he won’t soon forget.

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riiven (05.04.2017)
ジュン (02.03.2017)
They changed a rig!! Finally. Good scale with quality 3D, Plus 360 experience with good story. They did a right thing.
digicut (26.02.2017)
HoliVR changed the rig at last!! Good Choice.
VRMANIAC (26.02.2017)
I understood you are concerning. Thanks.
HoliVR (26.02.2017)
OK. I got that. Appreciated for your advice.
HoliVR (26.02.2017)
Whens the last time you saw me make 5 or 6 main board posts in one day, bumping others off the front page? Count my main board posts bro. Spam, is either posting non relevant content for the sole purposes of backlinking and traffic or posting like 6 main board posts up at once, when one can be made. I post relevant content to this sub and stand by it and I rarely post to the main board.
TheActionIsGo (25.02.2017)
A "porn reviewer website" spammer talking about a vr porn content creator spamming lol...
themarinevr (25.02.2017)
I just simply wish that your every post is a good news for VR.
gzmoso (25.02.2017)
might I suggest if you have multiple movies to post in a day or 2 span, to keep it on one main post, so as not to bump other studios off the front page with a bunch of singles? cheers.
TheActionIsGo (25.02.2017)
If it bothers you, then I want to say Sorry. Actually we are trying not to post same video but several video post was new to /r/oculusnsfw. Anyhow I will check if there were same video post and will delete. Thanks for your notice.
HoliVR (25.02.2017)
what are you talking about? If you have opinion talk nicely first!!
HoliVR (25.02.2017)
Please don't post again if you don't fix the scale.
gzmoso (24.02.2017)
holy fuck, how many posts you need?
TheActionIsGo (24.02.2017)
와. 완전 쩔어.
KORNo.1 (22.02.2017)
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