Well that wouldn't be a true close-up then.
Throw-it-in-a-bin (20.02.2017)
I love the up close pussy shots and understand that double vision is part of how the eyes work, but in VR when the pussy is double vision and you cant focus on anything I'm basically laying there, feeling suffocated and waiting for the scene to change. It's more realistic in that I can "lick" if I want but I guess Id rather have the pussy I'm view where I can really see and appreciate the beauty of it I think there is room for both to please everyone.
Vrgoodguy (20.02.2017)
Of course there's a way around it: Just place the camera a little further away from the pussy! You can see it on CzechVR all the time. I assume WankzVR did this for a reason though (to make it more realistic as if you're really licking her pussy). All I'm saying is that there are some people like me who'd prefer to have non-cross-eye vision even if it's detrimental to the realism.
UselessEater81 (20.02.2017)
It's a physical limitation of the human eyes. Your vision crosses when both eyes attempt to focus on an object that is close to your face. There's no way around it in virtual reality as there is no way around it in reality, other than closing one eye.
Throw-it-in-a-bin (19.02.2017)
The thing is that's not what I watch porn for. Even with VR I still watch it for the visuals basically. I don't know about you but I'm just not able to trick myself into imagining to really be there licking her pussy. I'd rather just have an enhanced porn watching experience with better visuals.
UselessEater81 (19.02.2017)
You will have to take this up with mother nature. Hold something right in front of your face. observe.
TheActionIsGo (19.02.2017)
Can we get upclose pussy shots without cross eye vision please?
UselessEater81 (19.02.2017)
I get the complications in it Im saying I dont understand the incompetence in it. If i half-assed my job like that I would be fired.
bbasara007 (19.02.2017)
I see there are separate downloads now for Vive and Oculus. Are there any differences between the files or is it just for convenience?
J_Saint (18.02.2017)
Looks fine to my eye on Oculus for scale. Loved the PoV's. Burn the 2015 flat on back rib buffet shot though :P
TheActionIsGo (18.02.2017)
What could be happening here is taller (or shorter if the reverse) than average stunt guys. You would need to match camera positioning to where the stunt guys eyes should be, then get the stunt guy to awkwardly bend his neck so his head is out of the way so the camera can be there. This allows for better immersion If parts of the stunt guys body are visible. BUT.. if the stunt guy is 6'5 it will break immersion for most people, because his perspective won't match and his limbs will be longer. The optimum solution would be to only use stunt guys in the 5'10-6 range, as this caters to the most people, then have taller or shorter viewers use the zoom function on players. Sorry abnormally tall or short stunt guys but I think your days are numbered!
max66066 (18.02.2017)
I'm watching on Gear VR, what are you guys watching on?
max66066 (18.02.2017)
Good to see on open pussy finally... need the girls to do this much more often.. like in czechvr scenes
08745253 (18.02.2017)
I'm very sensitive to scale, and I also feel like it's gotten bigger in the last few releases. I also agree about the camera being too high in standing positions. The laying down positions are often weird as well. Is it too much trouble to make sure the camera lenses are in a position the guys eyes could actually be, without him having to move his body much? It breaks immersion if I can't get my body close to position the stunt cock is in.
WoodenNipple (18.02.2017)
Yea I dont see why it is so difficult to position the height of the camera properly.
bbasara007 (18.02.2017)
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