Studio:  VRBangers (125 videos)
Starring: Anya Olsen
Feb 17, 2017
Positions: Leaning Standing
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You and your girlfriend are going camping together with your parents. That could be fun, but it could lead to some seriously awkward scenarios. Your girlfriend wakes you up inside the nice, warm tent and tells you that the parents have finally left to go fishing. Thank goodness because you have been so horny in your cozy tent together! You don’t have much time to have sex with her, so she jumps on you right away and starts to ride your cock faster and faster to the point that you both cum together loud and long. Of course you figure you are alone in the woods, but her parents have come back a little early from fishing to find your girlfriend delighting in your love juice…whoops!

awegaweasdfawe Shill account?> ... get a life
Vrbangers_official (18.02.2017)
[deleted] (18.02.2017)
I think I gave it! :) We are all talking about the force, hahaha
TheActionIsGo (18.02.2017)
What's your opinion on the subject?
jd00001 (18.02.2017)
> but you failed to take advantage of the strengths of VR Use the force, Bangers, lol.
TheActionIsGo (18.02.2017)
Fantastic looking woman, great location and senario, but you failed to take advantage of the strengths of VR, all the cowgirl was leaning away, there were no close ups, no intimacy, and no kissing, even though those things would have be perfectly appropriate, since in the scenario she was your girlfriend. Its really a shame to have such a gorgeous actress and then keep her so far away, most other studios have figured out closeness makes great vr but you guy keep missing the mark. Go watch wankz's recent valentine's special, if you did just a little of that kind of stuff I would be perfectly happy with my sub here. All you really have to do is have her lean forward during cowgirl, throw in several kisses when appropriate, and have her put her face and body close to the camera periodically, its that simple.
jd00001 (18.02.2017)
The trailer looks absolutely fantastic. Three suggestions though: 1. It'd be useful if there was a link to save the trailer as a file. That way, I could actually watch in VR / on my phone. 2. Imho, the site seems to have improved a lot, but I still can't convince myself to subscribe yet there are still way too many scenes I don't really fancy (way too many solo, BJ only, male pov, fetish-looking girls etc.). Anyway, if you'd have an option to purchase single scenes only, I'd be buying the Anya Olsen one in a heartbeat. But since I can't.. no moneys to you, and no Anya Olsen for me. :( 3. Allow payments by bitcoin, without a credit card! Anyway. Keep going with what (I can unfortunately only assume) is great content like this one.
Tacotacito (17.02.2017)
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