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Erotic Russian shower

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn (269 videos)
Starring: Nancy A
Jan 30, 2017
Positions: Sitting
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Adorable Russian babe Nancy shows off her pretty dress as she strips it off her fine, tight body. Under the dress, she is wearing some very sexy, intricate lingerie that she takes off while gently teasing her big, impressive tits and pussy with a cute landing strip. After kicking off her shoes, she steps into the shower and washes her amazing body from head to toe. The warm water against her skin gets her so worked up she can’t stop rubbing her pussy then putting her fingers in her mouth. She sets the shower head down and buries two fingers into her pussy, finger fucking herself while her hips grind. While grabbing her tight ass with one hand, she fingers herself so deep and hard she has an explosive orgasm then she finishes the shower with a smile.

Why is the smartphone version so bad? It's pixelated big time and is horrible in comparison to every other video you have.
mrgravy2046 (05.02.2017)
True, higher bitrate is better. But 58 mbps is way overkill haha.
g2kbuffetboy (02.02.2017)
Thanks for the warning! Our tech department is encoding it again. It will be available soon. Thanks for your patience.
lindagwells (01.02.2017)
This is not a bad thing if it adds to the quality.
UselessEater81 (31.01.2017)
Thanks JCanuckz! Hope you enjoy it!!!
lindagwells (31.01.2017)
I think the 3200 x 1600 high quality oculus file was encoded wrong. The file size is much larger than normal. A quick look shows 58019kbps when your files are usually around 30000kbps.
vronly (31.01.2017)
+1 for Ivana Sugar!
g2kbuffetboy (31.01.2017)
Aaaaaand...*another* moment of silence. This is getting to be worse than Celebrity Deaths, those only come in threes.
4c1dr3fl3x (31.01.2017)
cross off Viola Baileys = retired :( sweet, looking forward to the HC
TheActionIsGo (30.01.2017)
OMG VRP finally worked with Queen Nancy A, sucks its a solo but she is by far the best and sexiest girl in VR with Misha Cross/Ivana Sugar/Viola Bailey's. Looking forward to downloading and watching this scene. Thanks VRP.
JCanuckz (30.01.2017)
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