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Jan 26, 2017

The shy politics degree student

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Lucia Pechotes
Lucia Pechotes
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A few days ago I was introduced to Lucía, a posh girl studying a Politics degree, the first thing taht jumped to my eyes were her fine massite natural tits, I just pictured those perfect tits undressed, and was dying to watch that sight. The common friedn that introduced us already adviced me Lucía was a really shy girl, just exiting from a break-up with her boyfriend, I'd have to put a lot of work into it if I wanted to get inside her pants. So I just played the romantic card: i invited her for lunch, I sported a really intelligent conversation and a pause that would mask my true intentions. But suddendly flipped out, under that serious girl looks Lucía was a sex fiend nympho. My plans came together and that nude body was even more perfect tahn I pictured it. The university girl gave me the fuck of my whole life.

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