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Jan 11, 2017

Not A Real Nurse - Part 1

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Joanna Angel
Joanna Angel
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Award Winning Porn Stars Joanna Angel and Small Hands have just started filming in Virtual Reality for their own site! Get a 'Behind The Scenes' view of these two pros as they test the limits of this new technology! No camera men, no directors, just real hardcore smut by the famous real hardcore lovers!


I'm not a "Holo tech type" so I'm sorry I can't answer your question.
SamanthaMack (25.01.2017)
I don't know but I do remember while filming that something happened to the camera right near the end. I don't remember exactly maybe I bumped it or hit a button being too close.. :( sorry
SamanthaMack (16.01.2017)
I Hearts Raven is our latest upskirt video! came out last week!
SamanthaMack (16.01.2017)
Are you Holo tech types not observing the tech problems with the new setup in HMDs? Put on an HMD, go to 11:43. Look at Joanna's back. See any problems in your image? Look at the vertical lines on the ceiling boards. Are they straight or do they waver? You can see this clearly on all wall trim on anything you have shot on that new rig. Look at the carpeting on the right side. And the scale here, is significantly off, on the small side now. I like JA and Small Hands, but I would just go watch them at BA in HD if I wanted to see something like this. Actually, I would go to BA so I could see them, ya know....FUCK. lol (I am your audience here. I like BA, I like both performers, and I like VR. So far, you guys have not filmed one scene that was interesting with them in VR that I didn't go, I would just watch BA porn here for better angles, image, etc) (the shoot with Mia could have been decent if mia wasn't like deer in headlights, there wasn't action on a couch 6 feet away, and the image horribly littered with seam artifacts) Positives: Lighting pretty close to balanced for once. Audio was nice. Again, I like these 2, just, I dunno what this is. softcore? Cute couple n all, but I was kinda lookin to rub one out ;) This is like something THEY would watch, THEMSELVES, lol. You guys should really beta test out the issues before releasing product this time around, going to a new rig. These issues were raised with the very first movie on the new setup. There are noticeable anomalies when looking around on that new rig. The image, has "warbles" in it.
TheActionIsGo (13.01.2017)
Agreed, how are we still at a point where VR producers aren't realizing that close ups are king in VR? They're all shooting VR porn like it's 2D porn and it doesn't work. When will these damn producers wake up?
MILFVR (12.01.2017)
So this is a solo scene where the girl is far from the camera and there is a tattoed guy on the screen the entire video talking to the girl. I seriously think the owner of this site has some mental issues. Ah, and the camera position is too high, you can see the guy perfectly in front of you but to look at the girl you have to look down to see her.
eNrHellghost (12.01.2017)
aad (12.01.2017)
Hi Samantha. Do you know when we can expect the next upskirt/facesitting scene? Thanks :)
LowAngleFetishLover (12.01.2017)
Aw thanks love. I'll have to ask the guys on the tech side. I'm glad you liked the scene
SamanthaMack (12.01.2017)
I have a question Samantha, in your video Red light special part 2, during the cut at 29:35 the video stops being 3d, was that an editing/rendering mistake that can be fixed or was the footage lost? It was a great scene by the way.
jd00001 (12.01.2017)
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