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Let's Stay At Home Tonight

Studio:  Reality Lovers (171 videos)
Starring: Linda Sweet
Jan 11, 2017
Positions: Leaning
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"Look outside, honey... the weather is really hostile. No going out for you tonight," - said Linda Sweet when she looked out of the window. She has a better idea of spending an evening when the snowstorm is raging outside. Let's just be warm and cozy by the fireplace while the exquisite ginger Linda only has some revealing lingerie on. Wait... these pieces of loose clothing will come off really soon and you will see why staying at home was the best thing that happened to you today!

Damn fine girl, but there was something on the lens for most of the video, and the camera on the belly during reverse cowgirl and the bj at the end screwed up those positions, the normal distance pov shots were great though, and when she got up close it was heaven, wish you guys would throw some kissing in and have girls do normal pov closeups more consistently.
jd00001 (12.01.2017)
First 10 mins video was amazingly good, right scale, high res, hot girl and good camera position even good eye contacts...but after that CAMs were way off till the end:( basically only 10 mins out of 23, but worth :) EDIT: we want her face closeup but not when she is sucking a dick.
gzmoso (12.01.2017)
We're been working together for a few months now, and the latest quality releases is a result of that. We have received a lot of good feedback, so we think we're on the right path. Now that we have an exclusive deal we can work together more on bringing you exactly what you want. PS - Their trailer does not represent the above-stated.
RealityLovers (12.01.2017)
The vr trailer that is posted at does not look like the same rig.
vronly (12.01.2017)
If I'm understanding, it is the same production company that shoots RL currently. they are just signing "exclusive" as right now, it was not exclusive with content turning up on other studios sites.
TheActionIsGo (12.01.2017)
I wondered the same thing. Reality Lovers has good content now, hope the "AmazingContent" deal doesn't water down the quality. Scale is one of the most important things in VR, hope they don't screw it up.
jlpatton1978 (12.01.2017)
What does the deal with AmazingContent mean for your subscribers? Will we be getting additional content on Reality Lovers or is this a separate project. Edit: Also I checked out the VR trailer they have at and the scale is way too large.
vronly (12.01.2017)
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