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Merry XXXmas and Naughty New Year – part 2

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It was Christmas time and Santa came baring gifts, but this Santa didn’t just bring him clothes or some new gadget, he brought with him five hot girls who wasted no time getting out of their sexy Santa’s Helper outfits and onto these guy’s hard cocks. A week later it was New Year’s Eve and four of the ladies were back to blow the year out in style. Wearing very low skirts that showed off their asses as they bent over, the ladies started messing around with each other, pulling their skirts up and stripping off their clothes. Another girl joined the party and brought some champagne as clothes continued to come off. The ladies made their move on the lucky guest of honor, pulling his clothes off so they could stroke, suck, and play with his big cock. Gina was the first to get on top and slowly ease his cock into her tight pussy. She worked up a rhythm, sliding up and down on his dick while the other women kissed, sucked on each other’s nipples, and played with the other guy. One by one the ladies took their turn on his cock. When they weren’t bouncing on his dick they were playing with each other or sucking and fucking the guy throwing the party. It’s was a wild New Year’s orgy as these hotties went crazy driving themselves down onto his dick. After a four-girl blowjob, Gina got back on top and let him pound her pussy until she came. As the party came to a climax three girls worked on one guy and two on the other, stroking and sucking them both until they came. This horny group rang in the new year with style!

daven (14.05.2017)
Why limit yourself to a scene that lasts only 30 minutes? I don't mind longer scenes, in fact I appreciate them. 2 hour long scene with these girls in VR with multiple positions? Hell yes!! And you can always add "Part 1, part 2" etc. Because yeah, it's gonna be quite massive filesize for 2 hour VR scene. No need to end every part with a cumshot.
HeavyKrox (01.01.2017)
Hi guys, Overall we got good reviews, about this scenes. We hear what you are saying but you have to understand it is not easy to get 5 girls to do several positions and changes in 30 Minutes. But we do hear you and we understand your frustration about this scenes and we will make it better the next time! Keep the comments and feedbacks up, we evolve and we are better thanks to that <3
Vrbangers_official (31.12.2016)
I agree, this feels like sort of a rip-off. The girls were hot and everything, but was expecting more. Also, both scene were basically identical, I might as well delete one of them.
jlpatton1978 (31.12.2016)
I joined Vrbangers only to see these two scenes. Merry XXXmas and Naughty New Year pt 1 & 2. I didn't havemuch interest in other scenes (although I do have to check them out since I paid $20 for this and Sauna scene seems to have potential). How was the "Merry XXXmas and Naughty New Year"? Great. Alexis Crystal steals the show. SHE IS AMAZING! I wish we will see more of her. Gina Gerson was also incredibly cute and I liked her alot too. My problem with the scenes? The other girls. All of them were hot! But they gave small kisses once a while to you or your dick and mostly stood there for decoration. Why there was no proper reverse gangbang? I was so prepared to give a proper ride for Anna Swix (the redhead), but she didn't do anything. Only had the quality time with Alexis and Gina, but sadly not with the others. Thanks to Alexis, I didn't demand a refund, because I almost felt ripped off due to this scene. The descriptions made it look like this was going to be hot action with 5 girls in very long scene. But instead, we only have sex with 2 girls in 30 minute clip while the other 3 are just standing in the background. Iam satisfied and disappointed. Mostly because I was waiting for the reverse gangbang fantasy to come true. Hopefully NaughtyAmerica will do it better with their new year special.
HeavyKrox (31.12.2016)
张宇睿 (30.12.2016)
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