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Dec 16, 2016

Blonde Beauties

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Katy Rose
Katy Rose
30 scenes
Natalie Cherie
Natalie Cherie
38 scenes

Blonde hottie Katy Rose was relaxing on a chair rubbing her hands over her sexy body while wearing just a bra and panty set. As she teased herself, her sexy blonde friend Natalie Cherie walked in. Natalie got in on the fun right away, peeling Katy’s panties off and unhooking her bra. The two girls began to kiss as Katy stripped Natalie’s bra and panties off her. They rolled around in the chair touching and kissing then they slipped into a hot 69. The girls were licking each other’s pussies when Katy’s boyfriend walked in. Instead of getting pissed off, he joined in. The girls had him lay down on the floor so they could crawl on top of him and suck his cock. They delivered an amazing double blowjob and got him rock hard then Katy went first and slammed herself down on his hard dick. Her tight, shaved pussy took every inch of his dick as she bounced on him until she came then she jumped off so Natalie could jump on. The ladies kissed, touched, and played with each other while riding him until they both came then they teamed up to stroke and suck his cock until he exploded like a volcano.

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Yes, I always felt our Ivana scene was not good enough, sorry about that. My bad. :)
Markohs (17.12.2016)
Shame the scale is terrible, these chicks are hot.
jlpatton (17.12.2016)
It would be very encouraging if they respond to feedback or requests.
vronly (17.12.2016)
Oh that's right, I joined VT for a month a while back and downloaded the Ivana scene too haha. I remember not being blown away by it though. I just emailed SBVR though their website to bring up a few requests I have. We'll see if they will respond!
g2kbuffetboy (17.12.2016)
Virtual Taboo also shot a scene with Ivana Sugar. I do agree about the model selection they do a really good job there. If they start releasing two videos per week in proper scale and focus more on the sitting angle like in the Nancy A video and less on the flat-on-your-back angle I will be very happy.
vronly (17.12.2016)
I personally am a fan of SBVR compared to all the other non-heavy hitters. Of course, wankz, VRP, naughtyamerica are on a diff level, but SBVR has treated me great so far. They have the hottest European models that some of the other Euro sites don't. Like Zazie Skymm for example. She is absolutely stunning and exclusive to SBVR so far. Then there is Aisha Angel. HOTTTTT. Also, Ivana Sugar has been a fav of mine since 7 years ago and only VRP and SBVR have scenes with her. And the SBVR one is great! Aside from the fantastic models, they have nice settings and locations, and the production quality is high. It's true that a fair share of their vids have the giant scale, but the site only launched less than 2 months ago. I'm sure these are issues they will fix. All in all, I recommend the site if you like their hard-to-find models! Edit: Also, I forgot to mention, I'm so happy about this MFF scene! Nathaly Cherie and Katy Rose!! Are you kidding me. Dreamssss <3
g2kbuffetboy (17.12.2016)
Uncertain, the Nancy A video and the Cherry Kiss video are probably their best. They only release one video per week in proper scale right now, and they are a bit hit and miss with regard to camera angles. They don't seem to be interacting with this subreddit so the hope for any real improvement seems slim.
vronly (16.12.2016)
Another chalkmark for the Giantress column.
TheActionIsGo (16.12.2016)
What's the forecast like for SBVR?
4c1dr3fl3x (16.12.2016)
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