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Dec 16, 2016

Whipped Cream COCKtail

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Dillion Harper
Dillion Harper
7 scenes

In this fantasy, you are a happily married couple lying in your bedroom bed on a Sunday morning with your wife, when your wife reminds you that it is your wedding anniversary and she has a special treat planned for you. She walks out of the hall wearing sexy panties, covered in whipped cream and ready to make this a sticky sweet anniversary night to remember.

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Ewwwww thank you for the kind words <3 we will keep bring you this type of videos and better Stay tuned!
Vrbangers_official (18.12.2016)
This is hands down the best vr video I've ever watched in my entire life. THAT. WAS. AMAZING! It literally looked really real, the 3d, the quality, the scale, the close ups. Keep it up!!! She's hella pretty and body is perfect.
intrinsicck (18.12.2016)
I hope they fired the lighting guy, that was terrible.
jlpatton1978 (17.12.2016)
Finally a B/G, great scene content wise, Dillon is great, and there was a fair amount of closeups and intimacy, but you guys destroyed all that goodwill by putting a bright light in the scene that ruined your usually pretty good picture quality, such a tragedy.
jd00001 (17.12.2016)
This is a step in the right direction. I would offer two notes. First make sure the performer leans towards the camera as much as possible, second reconsider your camera angle for the lying down position. Personally I prefer the sitting position as much as possible, but if you must use lying down(and it does make sense in this scene), then elevate the camera/the man's head off the bed a bit or tilt his entire body forward. This greatly improves the angle for the viewer.
vronly (16.12.2016)
Just finished the scene, tried to make it as real as possible and now I have smashed strawberries and whipped cream all over my headset. THANKS ALOT.
4c1dr3fl3x (16.12.2016)
What it this?
What? (16.12.2016)
Why do her breasts look so weird in the previews. I've seen a lot of her videos and never seen her breasts look like that.
DillionHarperBreastsWeird (16.12.2016)
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