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Oct 08, 2015

Job Opening

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Ena Sweet
Ena Sweet
7 scenes

Doing an interview is always stressful but trying to hide a massive erection during one is even harder. Good luck for you, the beautiful Ena Sweet is interested in filling something other than a position. Will you be up to the job?

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Keep other guys out of scenes. I want to see hot women, not some other man getting off. Agree with the above comments and having the girl staring right in your eyes close with her hair dangling in your face. Perfect. And lingere - especially stockings - need more of that for sure.
notbychans (19.08.2016)
Actually I wouldn't mind seeing a hot DP from this perspective. I don't think I've seen one in VR yet. Gotta be the right girl though. Also, the lighting has to be done right.
WrongJeremy (19.08.2016)
more 2 guys, 1 girl scenes please!
ducksonetime (19.08.2016)
I totally agree to the above. And love the lingerie
boytroy (19.08.2016)
More scenes like this please. When the hair and face and lots of eye contact is close to the camera it more realistically simulates the VR experience.
ukingdom (19.08.2016)
eric (09.10.2015)
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