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SexLikeReal Explained

SexLikeReal is the iTunes-style VR porn streaming site featuring content from all the studios listed here. You can either buy particular videos with a one-time purchase or take out a monthly subscription. A subscription grants access to specific studio content and can be canceled at any time, no questions asked. You will keep access to their content until it expires.

SexLikeReal provides you the best quality videos from each studio. Many videos are significantly improved by SLR’s team of video technicians. This includes remastering scenes for better alignments and a bigger field of view, enhanced 2040p files for the PSVR and h.265/h264 encodings of each file. Plus all 30FPS content has been upgraded to 60FPS as standard on SLR, with some videos even available in 90FPS to take advantage of the 90Hz display rate available to desktop-powered headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive a like. Check out our VR video fundamentals article to make sure you get the very best out of VR porn.

You can access your purchased videos through your account on any VR headset by using the SLR app. The SLR app gives you an unparalleled VR video watching experience. Just run it on your VR headset and access a huge selection of videos with one-click, with the best settings automatically applied, streamed directly to your headset so you don’t have to download bulky VR files. Your privacy is ensured with our secure PIN protection.  

The studios are sorted by the number of likes their videos have received by our users. You can also find crucial information for each studio to help you decide on the  best option for you.