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60FPS is the Default Now on SLR

We are proud to announce that there are no more 30FPS scenes remaining on the SLR site and app! Every single video has been remastered up to 60FPS using our state of the art algorithms.

This means if you have ever purchased a video from SLR that was 30FPS, it has been replaced with the 60FPS version for FREE. This process is known as interpolation, and involves inserting a new frame between two other frames to make the transition smoother and more natural on the human eye - changing the framerate from 30 FPS to 60 FPS.

Remember: these remastered videos are only available at SLR. Nowhere else - not even the original studio - has these enhanced videos! We have implemented this at no cost to you, all the prices remain the same.

You will start receiving web notifications for your SLR website account about each of these improved videos soon!

But we need your help to make things even better. If there are problems with the video quality of your favorite studio, contact them and tell them that SLR can help improve their visuals. This includes full scale mastering from their raw files, so we can produce videos at perfect quality. Many studios are working with us on this but with your help we can make every VR porn video as smooth and realistic as possible.

UPDATE: We're proud to announce the world's first 90FPS VR porn videos! Go here for more information

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