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WankzVR is the best thing ever happened to VR porn

"We’ve aligned ourselves with experienced people and companies at the forefront of the virtual reality revolution and the 3D technology marketplace,” said Phil Bradbury of WankzVR. “That’s why we have the best equipment and a state of the art production process that is creating fresh new exclusive VRcontent with an amazing amount of consumer interest. One look at Reddit and you’ll see why our site and our fans are skipping right past the GoPro stage that many others are now stuck in. WankzVR already has an active community where members are giving feedback on each and every scene, while sharing their desires for future productions,” he said.

“Our production teams are actively watching those threads to incorporate these scene and model ideas into our upcoming shoots.”

The ambitious WankzVR update schedule includes two new exclusive VR scenes being added each week, along with an enormous archive of bonus content; allowing WankzVR to quickly surpass competing sites in quantity, while continuing to do so at a quality level that is unmatched anywhere else, he said.

WankzVR is also the first VR porn site that offers streaming content without huge file size downloads required, Bradbury said. The WankzVR tour includes a proprietary desktop player developed by PimpRoll so that visitors without VR goggles can test out the content and move the viewing angle from side to side or top to bottom with simple mouse clicks.

“WankzVR videos are all filmed in the USA, starring English speaking models that understand VR performance art and have learned how to utilize the amazing possibilities of VR porn to their full potential,” Bradbury said. “That rare combination of top shelf talent, meticulous preparation, and advanced technology makes this site special. It’s more than just my opinion. Our sales data backs it all up.”

Even the audio for each scene is optimized for VR, Bradbury noted.

“We use a very high-end binaural microphone, molded to replicate the human auditory system as it shapes sound exactly the same way your ears do,” he said. “The effect, even when listening with your eyes closed is truly amazing."

Bradbury also noted the site does not have a single cross sale, or any upsells, so customers can buy with confidence, knowing that they will not be charged more to "upgrade" or add any additional services.