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Follow The Latest Videos Added To SLR Premium's 2,800-Strong Video Library

We recently finalised the process for studios to add specific videos to SLR Premium. Now you can follow exactly what these videos are!

See the latest videos added to SLR Premium!

We expect Premium to reach the 3,000 video milestone very soon. We don't show low-quality videos on the Premium page, although they are still included - you can find these in the updates section or in any specific niche or model profile.

SLR Premium is a content pool. With a single monthly fee you get access to the whole pool and studios get paid in respect to how long their content is being watched. We are constantly negotiating with new and existing content producers to get their scenes into Premium as it's clearly the best option for everyone.

In other news, some major porn producers that have never released any VR content before are coming soon! We will keep you updated.

You can also access SLR in VR on every headset by installing the DeoVR video player for your kit then simply open sexlikereal.com in the built-in browser.

The SLR app was updated today for every platform. Enjoy the new file manager which now offers thumbnails, previews and plenty of fixes. Viewport technology is available now on Android cardboards.

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