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alex novak
Alex Novak

From now on your SLR home page features the hottest VR porn videos we have! To make SLR easier we have improved the site structure to better separate Premium and pay-per-video. Please note that sorting by ‘recent videos’ is still available for both Premium and PPV, they are simply separated into different sections. The recent videos feed is still available once you are logged in.

The reason we have changed the way we show content is because many users were confused by all the different options - 5,000 videos on Premium, 7,500 videos available as pay-per-video (including the 5,000 also on Premium). Our Premium users were complaining that they couldn’t access the whole library and expressed annoyance at seeing pay-per-video options. We have now fixed this. PPV won’t interfere with Premium any longer, though you can still access them at any time.

Also, some new users reported being confused as to why some videos are Premium and some not. While we would like to include as many videos in Premium as possible, the decision is down to the producers. We believe the Premium model works best for everyone.

By default, we show the hottest Premium content on the SLR main page. Visitors don’t have to follow specific updates from studios, pornstars or niches. We want to figure out the most engaging content and put it up front for our visitors so they won’t have to wade through a huge amount of content. The hottest scenes should be available straight away!

There is a slight issue with ‘most recent’ sorting in Premium, and this will be fixed early next week. We know what has happened, we just need a little time to fix it.

We are keen to hear your thoughts and any ideas you have for new features. Feel free to contact us any time.

Also, we no longer feature videos if you can’t watch the full-length scene on SLR. We have tried our best to get every content producer available on SLR but some studios decided not to, for reasons of ‘exclusivity’, ‘profitability’, ‘branding’ and so on. You choose SLR because you want to find the best content in one place and enjoy our easy-to-use interface. We want to focus on providing you with videos that meet those needs.

If your favorite studio is missing from SLR, please message them and let them know that you would like to see them on our platform. Your words are the most effective way of making this happen.

And in other news:

  • We are working hard to bring some A-ranking US content to SLR Premium very soon. Watch this space.
  • We have added support for Fleshlight Launch to the SLR app. Experience VR porn at its most immersive yet. We will soon be creating community tools, so you can create scripts and share them with others.
  • Live cams are coming soon to SLR.

We are dedicated to providing the very best VR porn experience for our visitors.

alex novak
Alex Novak
Alex Novak has always had a passion for technology. Always interested in exploring new frontiers, the avid gamer and sci-fi reader found himself drawn to VR and its endless possibilities. Alex is excited to see what the future of VR brings and how he can help shape it.
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